Ambury Park Centre has a registered Independent school that offers subjects in the NZ curriculum, riding and equine qualifications.

There are 25 to 30 students in the school. These are children aged 13 to 18 who, for a variety of reasons, are not coping in, or are not attending mainstream education.

At Ambury Park Centre, students receive a high level of one-on-one or small group instruction from qualified teachers supported by teacher aides.

Each student follows a programme that is individually tailored to his or her identified needs and abilities. The goal is to support the students back into mainstream education, on to tertiary study, or into the workforce.

Riding and horse care are integral elements in the students’ programmes.

The regular rhythmical movement of the horse enables instructors to work with riders to develop mobility, muscle control and confidence.

In order to ride them, horses need to be groomed, fed and cared for. A unique bond therefore develops between the student and the horse, which becomes an agent for change and a therapeutic medium.

English and Mathematics are taught, including for NCEA, and the students choose other subjects through Te Kura Pounamu (Correspondence School). Equine Standards towards NCEA are also delivered by the Equine staff.

The emphasis in pastoral care is restorative and about positive reinforcement.

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