Ambury Park's horses are an essential part of our riding therapy programmes. Every child who attends the Centre, either as a part-time rider or as a full-time student in our school, is assigned a horse. The horse/child interaction is both physical and psychological. The way the child bonds with his or her horse is the cornerstone of our successful programmes.

Some of the horses have been with us a long time, others are relatively new. We have both mares and geldings, and a variety of different breeds. Each horse has a distinct personality and, depending on a number of factors, is used for therapy rides, or by our full-time students, or both of these.


Bobby is a bit of a star, recently featured in beautiful article about Icelandic horses. See our blog for more details.

He takes great care of his clients big and small; his gate is so smooth that it provides very gentle balance challenges, even if keeping your head up is a challenge. As we all know being on a moving surface means you have to constantly adjust your position and his gait works very well for especially the younger children with physical challenges. He is also great for the other children who are a little anxious. Bobby will adjust his walk and provide different sensory input to our clients. With him being approx. 14 H it gives the ideal height to safely support/facilitate the children when necessary.

Bobby is kindly sponsored by Sarah Turbott


DOB: 2001
Height: 15.2hh
Bay crossbred mare.
Amara has been at the Centre since 2009. She is in training for both the full time students and part time therapy riders. She loves having her neck rubbed and enjoys cantering.


DOB: 2001

A very majestic grey mare, who has a lot of presence about her. She has a lively walk and is a favourite amongst her team. She also likes to keep the herd in their place. 


DOB: 1995
A dark bay 15.1 hh (154cm) cross bred mare, who has proven her worth working with the most severely enabled riders. Her positive, yet slightly unconventional personality, has supported one or two young people on their future pathways. 


DOB: 1998
At 15 hh (152cm) he is quite the character, and with his lovely broad Clydesdale/Station bred back, he offers his riders an excellent base of support. His cheeky personality mean he has a lot to say, and is always nickering much to the delight of his riders. 


What a gem. This very cute piebald pony stands at 14.2 hh (147cm) and his can do attitude allows him to do his job as well as it did when he was competing in his earlier years. 


DOB: 1995
A real gentleman with a lovely rhythmical movement. At 15.3 hh (160cm), and a Ngati bred Chestnut gelding, he is unwavering in his support of beginners. 


DOB: 1997
At only 12.2 hh (127cm), his big personailitymakes him the perfect candidate for dressing up. He has many fans, big and small, but works mainly with the smallest of our riders. 


DOB: 2003
This gorgeous Percheron cross was born on the hills of Gisborne where he spent his early ridden career negotiating the steep terrain as a shepherds hack. He stands around 15:1 hands high. Gandalf joined Ambury in 2018. He is both a strong, solid build and solidly dependable as a mount for riders of all abilities.

Gandalf is sponsored by Doug and Adrienne Alderslade

Tommy (Thomson Rhapsody)

One of the kindest horses you could wish to meet. A big boy at 16.3 hh (170cm), he can adapt for a walk over the farm, to a dressage arena in the blink of an eye, as he changes his tempo to suit his rider. 

Tommy was purchased by UPS Power Solutions and sponsored by the Kelliher Trust.

Teka (Brightwater Chiqilton)

This recent arrival has an abundance of presence. A 14.1 hh (144cm) Gypsy Cobb has arrived at Ambury, and got on with the job. There's many an argument over who is going to groom and ride her. 


Nathan is a purebred Haflinger and there is not much that he hasn't done in his life. Originally from Germany he has been flown over to New Zealand in 2013. He has already worked as a therapy pony in Germany and has got lots of experience looking after those who need it most. With the patience of a Saint he is a reliable companion.

Sarah (Serenity)

We are lucky to have this 16 hh (162cm), pretty bay Clydesdale mare who has as much to teach as she has to learn. She has settled into her work more each day. Her calm personality draws people to her, and she enjoys the fuss. 


A lovely big mare at just over 16.2 hh (168cm), with a big white spot on her flank/belly area on a bay coloured body, that seems to fascinate people. When asked to, Eve can show very classy movement. 


As his name suggest, he's a very sweet and curious little guy. He is a Chestnu Welsh pony who stands at 13.1 hh (134cm), who was bred for the purpose of equine therapies, and knows his job well. 

Lollypop is kindly sponsored by Sam Hugli


An extremely cute Palomino Icelandic pony with personality plus, who likes to interact with everyone who comes his way. 

Bobby is kindly sponsored by Sarah Turbott

Fable (Oaklane Mulan)

DOB: 2008
This very pretty mare has been in the Ambury stable since 2020. She has great breeding for the purpose of therapy riding being half Haflinger, known for their gentle nature and Quarter Horse for athleticism. She is every little girl’s dream being the living picture of Barbie doll’s best friend. Fable is a shade under 14:2 hands high.


With everything from School Master to Hunting on his resume, this 15.2 hh (154cm) Appaloosa gelding seems to have found his niche with his go anywhere, do anything attitude. 


DOB: 2011
This little guy was a real find and seemingly born to do the job here at Ambury. He is a diminutive 12:1 hh but always ready to foot (or hoof) it with the big boys. It would be difficult to come across a more kiddy-friendly pony. He is the perfect confidence builder as who could possibly be intimidated by this sweet wee marshmallow? He is one of the special few who stepped straight into his role on heralding his arrival in early 2021.


DOB: 2007
A striking looking fellow with a good chunk of Clydesdale in his bloodlines. Dusty has a very wise philosophy on life and takes most things in his stride. He very quickly showed how versatile he can be adapting seamlessly between being a safe therapy mount to a fun ride with many ‘programmed buttons’ to challenge the more capable rider. We have owned Dusty since his arrival in 2020. Dusty measures in at 15:2 hands.


DOB: 2000
This gentle gelding is a real ‘people person’. He is largely thoroughbred and adores human fuss and attention. Being kind and obliging, he is also a very honest, steady jumper for those ready to try something more daring. Quest is a fraction under 16 hands and joined our team in 2020.


DOB: 2002
We are very fortunate to have this personality-packed pony on long-term lease. He came to us in 2018 to help fill a gap and has happily been with us ever since. Smudge is a full sized pony at 14:2 hh and had a successful jumping career in his former life. He can be best described as a true school master with plenty to teach his young riders.


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