Our Vocational Programme offers a variety of opportunities to learn important skills for independent living and the confidence to lead fulfilling lives. There are approximately 27 clients in this programme, each 18 years and over who have intellectual disabilities. Some people in this course can be enrolled with the school for selected NCEA standards. In the course there is the opportunity to maintain and further develop Literacy and Numeracy skills.

There are many opportunities for life skills training like cooking, understanding money and using public transport. There is an emphasis on community participation and Pathways to Inclusion through which individuals can participate in activities they personally aspire to. Riding therapy is also apart of this programme and clients are involved in the care of the horses and other horse related work. The horse is again the therapeutic tool.

For more information about our Secondary School or to enrol, please give us a call on 09 634 0763 or enquire below and we will get back to you as soon as we can. 

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