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Recruitment - Seeking an Equine Facilitator

Due to a staff member relocating out of Auckland, Ambury Park Centre is seeking an Equine Facilitator for our Centre. We are a unique centre with a focus on riding for therapy. We offer three programmes; Riding for Disabled, a vocational programme for adults with intellectual disabilities and a secondary school for students (max 30) who have struggled in the mainstream system for various reasons. Your role is to support the equine team in the care of the horses. You will provide their day to day...

September 20, 2021

Bobby, the Icelandic horse with a very different career!

There are many roles horses fill in today’s world: police horses, military horses, carriage horses, pack mules/horses, dressage horses, jumping horses, eventing horses, race horses it being carriage or rider, western horses and trekking horses, to name a few. And these days being a therapy horse is a career as well. It used to be a role for your old retired horse to work with children and adults with special needs but these days there is a different expectation and within therapy we like a fit...

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