Ambury Bathroom Renaissance

As anyone who works at a charity can tell you, one of the biggest skills you’ll learn is how to do a lot with just a little! However when it came to our long-overdue bathroom renovations, we wanted to invest in facilities that not only looked visually appealing but used quality materials that would really stand the test of time. We’ve accomplished this thanks to the hard work and generosity of several companies and suppliers including: Plytech for the plywood wall linings, Inzide for the floor and shower vinyl, Resco for the toilet partitions, Warren and Caroline Grove for the plywood floorings and fixings, Mico for the sanitary fixtures, Allproof for the floor drains and Roof Logic for the insulation.

Some fun facts you may not know is the vinyl flooring colour was selected to match the sand in our indoor arena, and the black plywood panels are the same type used to line horse floats, so they’re incredibly robust!

If you’d like to make a contribution towards some of the outstanding costs of the renovation, please contact our office or deposit your donation into account number 06-0193-0154558-26 with “Upgrade” as the reference. (Tax receipt and a personalised thank you letter will be provided!)


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